Circuit Breakers

Measuring the resistance of circuit breakers or busbar joints is common practice to identify defects that could lead to a total loss of the asset in the event of a fault current. Timing measurements on circuit breakers (CB) are also of utmost importance, as circuit breakers which do not clear a fault quickly enough will not withstand a real fault situation.

Arizona Electrical Apparatus offers a complete testing service to include Micro Ohm Measurement of Circuit breakers and Busbar Joints. Increased contact resistances of closed circuit breakers, power circuit breakers or isolating switches, and also of busbar joints, can lead of fatal damage when fault current occurs in the system. A periodic check of the contact resistance in the system allows this kind of damage to be prevented.

Whenever maintenance has been performed on a circuit breajer or tests have been performed on a protective relay, it is common practice to test the system before starting it up again. This typically involves applying a fault current via the current transformer and circuit breaker, then checking whether the system as a whole reacts as planned. AEA handles the entire process of complete circuit breaker testing.