Circuit Breakers

Energy is essential to every aspect of mining, and mining companies look to AEA for the innovative and proven technologies that help assure precise, dependable energy supply, distribution and control. Power that is delivered efficiently, cost-effectively, and sustainably is indispensable to effective mining operations; AEA electrical distribution products deliver it. Reliably. Safely. When you need it.

Our comprehensive offerings have cross-functional applications throughout the mine site. Systems and equipment for power generation, automation and control, medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) equipment, transformers, distribution equipment and drives work in all the key mining functions - operations, concentration and tailings, refining and pelletization, and transportation. Synchronous generators and more than a dozen types of motors also keep the mining infrastructure running along smoothly. However harsh the mining environment, no matter where it is in the world, AEA's breadth and depth of experience in electrical distribution, digital energy, and motors gives our mining customers a production flow, reliably and safely.

Reliability. Safety. Performance excellence. Those are the consistent hallmarks of the diverse portfolio of electrical solutions that AEA has developed, installed, and maintained for the mining industry for more than eight decades. We are uniquely positioned to meet the process requirements of our customers with an immense foundation of expertise.