Delta Thermal Inc. Authorized Distributor

AEA is excited to announce we are authorized distributors of Delta Thermal Inc. products.

Delta Thermal Inc. (DTI) offers Thermalsafe to automate the detection and reporting of hot spots in electrical substations and support color/thermal video perimeter security. One or multiple Thermalsafe units can be installed and enabled for monitoring, trend analysis, and recording of both asset thermography and site security data. Their solar option can be fully operational within an hour.

Just a few features…

  • Continuously measure your equipment’s temperature 24/7
  • Local recording of thermal and color video, with on-demand cloud access to live video, and motion event history clips
  • Access up to the minute data reports
  • Minimize site visits and safety risks with remote servicing
  • With customizable parameters, you’ll receive notifications on temperature and security concerns to your email or SMS

Arizona Electrical Apparatus can even incorporate it into our custom electrical distribution equipment we design and build for you.

You’ll have the option of a fixed sensor or a mobile sensor with trailer. Call us today to receive more information from our sales team and schedule a free on-site demo.

“The thermal gun is like a Polaroid – it’s accurate at the time of the photo. Could’ve looked different¬† 5 seconds before or 5 seconds after… Delta Thermal gives you the movie, so you can spot trends and predict events before they happen.”

Delta Thermal Product Specs